• New Ultracare flavor now in Bubble Gum!

    May 2024

    Ultracare Topical anesthetic gel is now available in both Ultradent's famous Walterberry flavor and our brand new Bubble Gum flavor, with no bitter aftertaste!

  • Do more with your VALO™ dental laser! New lenses now available!

    April 2024

    From precision tack curing to eye protection, there’s a VALO lens or light shield to help you achieve beautiful results. Transform your VALO into a versatile powerhouse with our accessories. Explore the possibilities!

  • When you purchase any Gemini™ diode laser, you’ll now get access to Ultradent’s exclusive dental laser CE training!

    March 2024

    The perks just keep getting better and better! Take your office to the next level with a Gemini™ diode laser today, worth up to 5 CE credits!

  • You asked, and we listened! New Carrying Case for Gemini™ Lasers!

    March 2024

    Your Gemini™ or Gemini™ EVO diode laser deserves the best protection, and we’ve designed a carrying case that fits the bill.